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    Android Tab Software Help

    I'm producing some lessons on jazz/swing ukulele and need help with finding a good Android based notation software. I need Android because I'm using a tablet and do not have access (regularly) to a computer where I already have adequate software. (I'm a on the road trucker.) Requirements: *...
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    Folk Alliance theme

    I'm not sure if you have seen this or not yet, but the Folk Alliance International just announced their theme and released their imagery for the 2017 Winter Music Camp and Conference. It looks a lot like the logo for Mighty Uke! The executive director was very specific about...
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    Uke Tech Support Taylor Guitar Vs. Mainland Uke

    Stewmac sells a Titebond that is hide glue. That is the best thing for this sort of repair. You can also find good tutorials there for binding repair. Clamping is generally just masking tape on binding repairs. Seems odd, but with no real weight to speak of, that is usually enough.
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    Uke Tech Support Oops! Put tap water in my humidifier

    Anyone have an answer to why distiller water? I'm curious as to this need...
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    Video Good, Cheap Cameras for Youtube Videos of Ukulele

    GoPros can be had for under $100 if you don't want the new model.
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    Beginner Good Tenor for beginner.

    Kala exotic mahogony. Classic sound, affordable price, option for electronics... Can't go wrong. I've had mine for four years now and I've been thinking of buying another simply to have two different tunings (low G and high G) immediately available. Honestly, $300 will buy a lot of ukulele...
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    Tips, Tricks, Techniques Good (and fun) chord-melody book?

    This might sound like a crass answer, but I'm totally serious: Daily Ukulele (either volume). Here's my reasoning: The chords and melody lines are there already and that is really all you need to create a chord melody. Easy approach: 1) Pick a tune where you know the melody in the key you...
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    Video Sweet And Lowdown - Solo Uke - Gerald Ross

    Very nice job! I've always like your clean finger style. ~Danny
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    Buying Tips? Banjolele Questions

    What is important is the diameter of the pot. If yours is 8" and the part is made for 8", then I see no reason why it wouldn't work. ~Danny
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    Tips, Tricks, Techniques What's your memorization method?

    I just wrote about this on my blog, it's a hard subject... I believe that the best way is to work the song through all of it's individual components and practice, practice, practice. Generally, I learn/memorize tunes in this order: 1. Harmony (chords) 2. Lyrics 3. Melody (with and with/out...
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    Uke Tech Support Tying Banjolele Strings

    I've had some problems with banjolele strings breaking at the knot on the saddle end. Any others out there? Question for you: How do you tie your banjolele strings? Do you have an alternate method that may lessen string breakage? Got pics?
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    Tips, Tricks, Techniques jazz ukulele and improvisation techniques?

    I've used the Mickey Baker book for learning some basics in jazz on guitar. It is an extremely difficult resource even on guitar (I can't imagine how difficult transposing it would really be). A good thread and musical development site for jazz is I've been there for a...
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    Is the Fad Tapering Off (Again)?

    That's just a fluke!
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    Is the Fad Tapering Off (Again)?

    I was talking to a buddy of mine who owns a local shop about when he was likely to start carrying a brand of strings I wanted to buy from him. He responded by saying he had the paperwork ready to become a dealer, but he had ukuleles way low on his priority list. So, I asked why. The market is...
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    Uke Tech Support Banjo Ukulele Tuning Problems - Please help?

    Ugh... Sorry... Corrected. ~DB
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    Uke Tech Support Banjo Ukulele Tuning Problems - Please help?

    I'm curious what the brand of the banjo was. Was it custom built? Anyway, setup on a banjo(lele) is much different than other fretted instruments. The compensated bridge placement (angled like in the Goldtone pic) should be much less of an issue with the reentrant tuning. But, whatever you...
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    Buying Tips? Low G Uke Help

    As for wound versus unwound, It's a total preference thing for you. Personally, I use a wound low G and a wound C. The reason is that I play a lot with larger instruments that are a lot louder. Since the wound strings tend to be bit louder, it helps me punch through the other instruments a...
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    Buying Tips? Low G Uke Help

    Careful, you may never go back! I keep my tenor with the low G and have a concert that is re-entrant tuned. Honestly, I have never see a need to be specifically one way or the other. However, I like having the extra low range when soloing so I play the tenor most often. As for music that...
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    Tensioning head on banjo uke

    From what very little I know on the subject, the same holds true for banjo ukes. You want a slight deflection or dip at the bridge. The measurement of 1/16th may be on the loose side of things, though. I would go with 1/32 or slightly less on a concert. At that point, you can experiment a...
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    Tips, Tricks, Techniques So confused.

    This is a common problem in any learning curve where there isn't a teacher/mentor to guide you. It's kind of a "What next?" feeling... I get there sometimes too. I've been playing guitar for 16 years now and I still get in that mood. The best thing I can suggest is to listen to your favorite...
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