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  1. Tsaw

    Vintage 1906s Favilla Soprano - For your viewing pleasure

    Aloha! Found this vintage soprano at a Guitar Center store here in New Jersey and wanted to share. Nope, didn't buy it. It had strings that looked like fishing line from a child's tackle box, felt dirty, and had a big wad of lint/hair in side; as you can imagine it didn't sounds all that...
  2. Tsaw

    Video Partridge Family Medley

    I used to have that Mork action-figure (it's not a doll...haha). Love the Batman and Robin poster! Oh ya, nice medley.
  3. Tsaw

    Stupid chromatic tuner question

    That's exactly what I was going to say. I have the red Snark tuner (the all instrument tuner); it works well and is hand in the event you need to tune other instruments. I leave mine on vibration mode so that other sounds won't effect my tuning.
  4. Tsaw

    Video Hawaii 2012 video

    Aloha Trinimon, How have you been? Thanks for posting your great video. Very enjoyable on a cloudy winter day here in NJ. Makes me want to go back to Hawai'i! -Tsaw
  5. Tsaw

    Video Safe and Sound solo cover

    Sounds great! Encourages me to pratice more!!
  6. Tsaw

    Video King of the Road

    Classic song choice! Great job, too...Love the intro! Edit: To Dougf: I swear I posted my reply before I saw your's...great minds think alike, huh?
  7. Tsaw

    Video Walk right in - dave & simon weekly jam

    Sounds good. Haven't heard that song in ages! Great pick.
  8. Tsaw

    Marilyn Monroe playing uke on new US stamp

    The US postal service is issuing new stamps honoring legendary Hollywood directors. On the Billy Wilder stamp there's an immage of Marilyn playing the uke; check it out...
  9. Tsaw

    Jimi Hendrix and the ukulele

    Was just reading the Wikipedia entry about Jimi Hendrix and came accross this statement regarding his first guitar: "This guitar replaced both the broomstick he had been strumming in imitation, and a ukulele which his father had found while cleaning a garage." Awesome!! Even Jimi Hendrix was a...
  10. Tsaw

    Video I'LL FLY AWAY - Re-entrant baritone

    You're welcome. Rainy days are great for gardens and for sitting back in a comfy chair playing the uke!
  11. Tsaw

    Video I'LL FLY AWAY - Re-entrant baritone

    Hey Ken, great tune, could listen to it all day! Love the garden too!! -Tsaw
  12. Tsaw

    Video How have I missed this guy's channel up 'til now?

    This guy is a hoot! Actually I think Johnny Cash used a sheet of paper in his strings when he recorded "Walk the Line"; makes a great distinct sound.
  13. Tsaw

    Video Don't You Forget About Me - Simple Minds cover

    We need to start a new channel on YouTube dedicated to 1980s Covers on the ukulele. ...I got dibs on covering "We Belong" by Pat Benatar.
  14. Tsaw

    Video "Those Were The Days"

    Great job, and that old Martin sounds great!! ...and your whistling ain't half bad neither.
  15. Tsaw

    Video "Mack the Knife" (featuring my "Jaws" shark ukulele)

    Great job...Awesome uke, too!
  16. Tsaw

    Video Little Sister

    Well done!...and who doesn't love hearing a classic Elvis tune!
  17. Tsaw

    Video Time After Time (cover)

    Great job!
  18. Tsaw

    Video Gangstas Paradise - we'd like to hear your version of the original too :D please

    :agree:...and what makes it even creepier is that clown painting on the wall. Well done guys!
  19. Tsaw

    Video Charlie Chaplin - "Smile"

    Well done! Do you have a link for the lyrics and chords? -Tsaw
  20. Tsaw

    Video My Absolute Favroite Carole King Song

    Thanks for sharing. I love Carole King and this was actually the first song I learned to play on the uke! -Tsaw
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