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  1. Mark-o

    Cool Ukulele Class at Walker Creek Music Camp - Oct 11-14, Northern California

    I'm teaching a cool ukulele class at the Walker Creek Music Camp in Marin County, CA next Fall. The camp is at Walker Creek Ranch, a stunning facility--with flat out the best camp food I've ever eaten. Locally sourced goodies, yum! More info about the camp: Here's...
  2. Mark-o

    Tips, Tricks, Techniques Compendium of ukulele alternate tunings? Compile an article for UU?

    Just stumbled on this thread. Here are a couple uke tunings I use. I generally play a tenor with a low G for these: G-C-E-G. Great for slack key (where you'd call it "taropatch" in the keys of C and F. Also used for country blues & bottleneck, where it's called "Spanish." G-B-E-G. A nice C...
  3. Mark-o

    Video "Sleepwalk" - solo ukulele

    Sweet! Real nice playing, and terrific arrangement. I've always loved this tune, ever since I used to skate to it at the Harbor Roller Rink in Costa Mesa, CA. And yes, I am that old. :drool: Just for fun, here's the way I play it. That's Jack Alditch on the steel guitar, and Tim Miller on the...
  4. Mark-o

    Video Bottleneck Blues Uke Lesson

    Howdy - I took advantage of a rainy weekend here in Southern Oregon to record another Blues & Ragtime Uke Lesson. This one's on bottleneck, so drain that old bottle of Mad Dog, snap off the neck, and start slidin'. Hope you like it.
  5. Mark-o

    Video Learn to play Big Bill Broonzy's "Hey Hey Hey"

    Howdy Here's a quick fingerpicking blues uke lesson for y'alls enjoyment. "Hey Hey Hey" is a swingin' 12 bar blues played by the late great Big Bill Broonzy; and recorded by Eric Clapton. It's big fun to play.
  6. Mark-o

    Aloha from Southern Oregon

    I've decided to stop lurking and join in. Better late than never, eh? So, who am I? Well, I've been around the acoustic music world since slightly before the flood. I used to tour all over the place & may start doing that again. For the past 15 years I've been pretty wrapped up in slack key...
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