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  1. UncleMoon

    When to change strings?

    None at all. I'm good.
  2. UncleMoon

    When to change strings?

    LMAO. Apparently not all the time. You're kinda snarky there kitten, but point taken.
  3. UncleMoon

    When to change strings?

    I just read something about string changes in a writeup Jake Wildwood of Antebellum Instruments did on a taropatch. ( He said: "I also don't know about you, but unless I hate the tone of the strings...
  4. UncleMoon

    How do you memorize tab?

    This right here is the answer. Several years ago when I was taking guitar lessons, I was learning Country Blues from a Mel Bay book. Sometimes, the WHOLE LESSON for the week was one bar of the song - as few as 6 notes. I would learn to make the chord shape(s), play the notes, change chords...
  5. UncleMoon

    Video I'm Angry and I've got a Gun

    Nicely done Pabrizzer. Without social commentary there are many musicians we (the world) would have never heard from.
  6. UncleMoon

    Buying Tips? Looking for email address for Big Island Ukuleles

    from the "Contact Us" page on their website: ADDRESS : Big Island Ukulele Co. 875 Waimanu St. #108, Honolulu, HI 96813 TEL : (808) 744-8075 FAX : (808) 356-0911
  7. UncleMoon

    Re-Strung my uke and seriously regretting it

    +1 on the Living Waters. Call Mike back at Uke Republic, he sells them.
  8. UncleMoon

    Video The Eugene Sells Out Thread

    Hey Jon - what happened to the vids & the facebook page? This is an awesome project idea. You dint get busted by the takedown cops did you?
  9. UncleMoon

    setup fees

    +1 on Mim - I've purchased from her, and a recommendation from Mike at Uke Republic - I've purchased from him too. Both did an excellent job on my new ukes before I got them. I have no experience with HMS but wouldn't hesitate to buy from them either.
  10. UncleMoon

    Video The Eugene Sells Out Thread

    This is cool Jon, enjoyed the first 2 vids. How about Madonna's "Like a Virgin" - I saw a guy from India do this at a karaoke one night and it brought the house down. Didn't even TRY to disguise his inability to sing or his accent.
  11. UncleMoon

    Video Over The Rainbow ~ Eric Clapton Version

    Makes sense to me, that's normally what I do too. Thanks.
  12. UncleMoon

    Video Over The Rainbow ~ Eric Clapton Version

    awesome job... where'd ya find the tab?
  13. UncleMoon

    Tips, Tricks, Techniques What's Your Play Style?

    My playing style is that of the guy at open mike night you wish would sit down. But i make my wife smile, my grandkids wiggle, and the dog digs it.
  14. UncleMoon

    Review Giannini Baritone (1970s)

    Great review Jon. I have one, and love it. I've seen these referred to right here in the forums as a "Non-Martin Holy Grail".
  15. UncleMoon

    Buying Tips? Do you buy, with selling in mind?

    Not one thing have I EVER bought with resale value in mind, (unless I bought it specifically to "flip"). Cars, houses, motorcycle, instruments.. whatever. I buy them to own them, and sell them when I'm ready. The market at the time I sell dictates the price. Whatever the difference between...
  16. UncleMoon

    Video "Happy Days" TV THEME

    Great job Jon, tons-o-fun. I played it and Mrs Moon said "That's Jon!"
  17. UncleMoon

    Small zip file of arrangements

    That's good stuff! Thanks a ton for sharing.
  18. UncleMoon

    Song Help Request Hunger Games - Hanging Tree - request

    there's are a couple versions on too.
  19. UncleMoon

    I need a left handed pick guard!

    take a look at Willie Nelson's guitar, and decide if it really matters.
  20. UncleMoon

    Buying Tips? Where to buy chord chart stamps?

    +1 on the ones from Aeromark. I have the small one they show on janeray1940's link.
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