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    Hi from Italy

    Hello from the UK and welcome!
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    Welcome Mike from across the pond!
  3. TopDog


    Welcome Sanne, you will grow to love your instrument, regardless of if they are popular in your Country! Just enjoy it and enjoy yourself!
  4. TopDog

    Have you ever given a Uke to someone else?

    I have given away a few ukes over the years and sold a few on that I bought but found I just didn't gel with!
  5. TopDog

    My fingertips are sore

    I was a guitarist for many years and when I came to the ukulele I tended to grip too hard,as I was used to handling steel strings! I soon learned to ease off on my grip and the ukulele became the absolute pleasure it is to play!
  6. TopDog

    Hello from the Old Bishop Neighborhood between Cuba and Lewistown...

    Greetings and welcome from across the pond!
  7. TopDog

    Hi everyone my name is Yo from Thailand

    Welcome to the forum,Yo! Don't worry about anything, we are a pretty easy going bunch!
  8. TopDog

    Custom Soprano question

    Another shout out for Rob Collins here! My Rob Collins soprano is the jewel of my small collection. I got if from Rob in person,when we all met up for a 'Ukulele Gatherimg' in Snowdonia a few years ago.
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    Newbie from Wisconsin!

    Welcome aboard,friend!
  10. TopDog

    2nd Chance

    Good you took a second chance! Welcome!
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    New to ukulele and the site

    Welcome aboard friend!
  12. TopDog

    New to uke--Fan of George Formby, George Harrison and more

    Welcome to the forum and good luck with your new interest!
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    Hello from West Chester, PA

    Welcome from across the pond Joe!
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    Hello from DieSel, Surrey UK

    Hello and welcome friend! This comes to you from the East Midlads where we have a good ammount of decent music shops and a fair number of ukulele clubs/societies!
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    Looking for a banjolele (from Europe)

    My B/U is a 'Countryman'. I am in the UK and it cost about a hundred and fifty British Pounds a few years ago. Lovely instrument!
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    Greetings from the Arizona desert!

    Welcome aboard friend!
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    Hello from Raymond, Maine!

    Hello and welcome Raymond.You are going to really enjoy your new interes!
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    Hello, Forum Members!

    Welcome to the forum friend!
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    Welcome aboard friend!
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    Fresh fish

    Welcome aboard!
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