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  1. Inksplosive AL

    Capabilities of the Uke

    Risa stick nuff said these guys put them to good use.
  2. Inksplosive AL

    Uke Tech Support how do i get my uke to sound right?

    Tune to the proper octave using this. ~cheers~
  3. Inksplosive AL

    Bethe$da Tease Please Stand By... New Fallout?

    First there is this on Twitter... Twitter Link Then there is this live stream on Twitch @ Hopefully we will have some form of confirmation in 24 hours or so. If not we wait till E3 in a couple weeks.
  4. Inksplosive AL

    Dog Chew Neck up for grabs

    Heh... dogs chew things?
  5. Inksplosive AL

    Buying Tips? Ohana composite body ukulele

    Why not a Flea or Fluke? I have an old pineapple flea soprano made in CT which was saved from being a wall hanger. Still has the original strings on it and they play well enough still.
  6. Inksplosive AL

    Advice on a ukulele with intonation issues

    Flashback 1983-84? I walk into East Coast Music Mall and pick out my very own BC Rich Warlock $550 of 1980 money before the case and extras. Imagine my confusion after paying close to $700 that I couldn't take my guitar!!! No I had to wait close to a week for their very busy luthier to setup my...
  7. Inksplosive AL

    Using classical guitar strings and/or fishing line

    Aquila red low G (new sugar polymer) and the old red low G it replaced sound great on my KA-SEM? I dont use wound strings on ukuleles.
  8. Inksplosive AL

    Set up

    Asking is free! Service/work comes with a fee. As a professional tattoo artist I have zero issues work on, fixing or covering work done and sold by others. Heck at times that is what fed me and mine at night. Nothing wrong in asking. I bought a used ukulele which was sold originally by Mim's...
  9. Inksplosive AL

    Uke Tech Support Plastic ukulele repair?

    Wet sand it and clear coat the repair maybe... use plastic safe clear coat.
  10. Inksplosive AL

    Dumb question #2

    Yes tension.
  11. Inksplosive AL

    First Ukulele Advice

    While Ive never bought directly from Mim's the used uke I bought that was originally sold and setup by her was spot on.
  12. Inksplosive AL

    Seasonistas general thread: yakking, joshing, news and pictures

    Heh yeah! Certainly they are chick magnets. Just...
  13. Inksplosive AL

    Beginner First Day beginner!

    Start here! Good luck and dont give up.
  14. Inksplosive AL

    How long did it take you If you haven't seen this. Start playing these sheets and you will learn chord progressions as a bonus without thought. When I first started playing getting thru the first line was tough then after a few days...
  15. Inksplosive AL

    Review Seagull Uke Steel Electro Soprano - REVIEW

    So does the steel stringed uke have a piezo pickup installed? I see no magnetic pickup. If so this is a very strange beast indeed.
  16. Inksplosive AL

    Guitar Player found a Ukulele

    A friendly prediction... While the soprano sits you will pick it up and this start your journey to owning a few ukuleles. Quite likely full blown UAS.
  17. Inksplosive AL

    Guitar Player found a Ukulele

    "I am told and having played this small cheap Soprano Ukulele that a Tenor would probably suit me better ?" I read this so much mostly talking of cramped soprano fretboards. In reality the fret space isn't very much different but you have a longer scale on the larger instruments, more notes...
  18. Inksplosive AL

    Tips, Tricks, Techniques Biscuit tin resonators...

    Me thinks there simply has to be some space between the back of the pot and the resonator for this to work, no matter the material its made of else the sound waves are trapped.
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