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  1. bratsche

    Tenor Pono PT-8 Tenor 8 string Mahogany with K&K pickup for sale or trade

    Ha! Depends. Prices, perhaps, but not if returning to the 2015 economy was part of the deal... everything's relative. ;) bratsche
  2. bratsche

    Tenor Pono PT-8 Tenor 8 string Mahogany with K&K pickup for sale or trade

    Did you know you were posting to a 4 year old thread whose poster hasn't visited this site since 10-25-2018? bratsche
  3. bratsche

    Anyone have an extra UPTL tuner?

    *** Edited to add - I have ordered 5 tuners from Hawaii Music Supply through Veronica. Thanks again to hawaii 50 for the excellent tip. ($75 shipped - much less than ordering them from Japan!) So I no longer need one! :) I was wondering if anyone has a leftover UPTL from an upgrade you...
  4. bratsche

    Strings Tiny Tenor strings question

    Thanks, you guys. Okay, I've ordered some Aquilas - boith the "New Nylgut" and the Super Nylgut. We'll see how it goes. It's actually the tactile sensation more than the actual sound of the fluoro that bothers me on the Tiny Tenor. I'm always hoping to decrease the tension on tenors, as I...
  5. bratsche

    Strings Tiny Tenor strings question

    When I bought my mahogany Tiny Tenor 2nd hand, I did my customary fifths tuning thing, removing the 2 bass strings and replacing them with my usual choices, and tuning the 2nd string down to D. Worked beautifully. Until the A string recently broke, and I replaced it with what I had on hand - a...
  6. bratsche

    What's your absolute "Deal-Breaker"?

    Okay, I'll start a topic. We all like to talk about what things we love the most about our instruments. But being the diverse group that all humanity falls into, we also know that what one person loves, another may hate just as passionately. Without getting personal (please, let's not...
  7. bratsche

    Felt Pads for Strap Buttons

    100 for $17.95 bratsche
  8. bratsche

    Video "This Is My Father's World" A Hymn for Easter 2019

    Happy Easter to you, and to all who celebrate! I really enjoyed that arrangement and performance a lot! bratsche
  9. bratsche

    Video Bach Prelude - Ukeulele and Guitar

    That was a treat for the ears! Very well done! bratsche
  10. bratsche

    Classical Playing Classical Music-Linear or Re-Entrant, which is best?

    To me, music is music, instruments are all tools to make music, and ties between instruments and genres are artificial. Ukuleles, like all stringed instruments, are just soundboxes with strings, in my view. In answer to the OP, I play a lot of Bach music (which as others have said is baroque...
  11. bratsche

    Video "Danse Macabre" - Classical Fingerstyle Arrangement

    Great performance by Evan! Not to nitpick, but it's pronounced "ma - CAHB" - the final letters "re" are silent. bratsche
  12. bratsche

    Video New album of original works for solo ukulele

    All very pleasant and listenable - thank you for sharing your music! The first track sounds very baroque-like. What kind of ukulele are you playing? bratsche
  13. bratsche

    Baritone Pono UL4-10 Solid Acacia Steel-string Baritone

    Linky no worky. bratsche
  14. bratsche

    Classical Classical ukulele

    I play a lot of JS Bach pieces from his repertoire for cello (six suites) and violin (six sonatas and partitas). Each one of these works is comprised of 5 or 6 movements, so there is a ton of music in there to keep one busy and interested, ranging from readily accessible to virtuoso-level...
  15. bratsche

    Classical Classical ukulele

    I play Bach and my own classical-baroque influenced fingerstyle arrangements of traditional tunes (mostly hymns). I prefer tenor and baritone - those are the only ukuleles I own, preferring their larger bodies' sound, and they're all tuned in fifths because I think in fifths tuning. bratsche
  16. bratsche

    Video 'Ashokan Farewell' and 'Wallflower' open mic

    Kudos - nice job! And I never knew Ashokan Farewell had lyrics, despite having heard dozens of different instrumental versions. That's my one new thing learned today. ;) bratsche
  17. bratsche


    I would have done this instead: bratsche
  18. bratsche

    Video El Colibri - Ukulele

    Mike, Yes, that is the only way I would dare to play ukulele, after a long lifetime of playing viola and violin (and later, mandola). ;-) bratsche
  19. bratsche

    Video El Colibri - Ukulele

    Wow, nice piece and great playing! I watched it a second time on YT just so I could "like" it. Excellent work! bratsche
  20. bratsche

    Legacy Straps review (NFI)

    Last Thursday, a week ago, I was looking for some straps. I hate big, wide ones that look like guitar straps, and found that the thinner ones I prefer had comparatively slim pickings. I first saw Legacy Straps marketing their narrow straps for ukulele and mandolin on eBay. The prices were...
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