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Thread: Go against the bend?

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    Default Go against the bend?

    Working on gluing the top onto my SM kit, and was wondering if I have a problem...

    The bend that SM put in the wood is not quite as curvy as the template - I really have to squeeze it in the jig/form that they recommend you make, in order for it to take on the same shape as template.

    SO, should I:
    1) glue up the top keeping the bend in the sides as-is
    This leaves very little overlap on the top, in fact, I'd have to shift it slightly higher towards the neck than it should be in order for it to fit.
    2) get the sides to the "right" shape, and glue the top that way?
    I'd really have to put a lot in it by adding L-brackets to keep the form from bending back to how it wants to be. I could cut an outline of the uke out of some plywood and screw that onto the jig to keep things in place (although would still have to put something on the inside as well.

    Anyways, let me know your thoughts - I hope I'm explaining things right!


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    My limited experience tells me that you are seeing "spring back" in the sides. On my SM kit, the sides were in one piece and pre-bent. The simple assembly jig (on their spec) 'encouraged' me to shape the sides a bit before gluing the top on. It was a little hairy at first, but worked.

    Dry clamp the setup first.
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    Thanks for your input, Harold! I may make a mould like John Colter does in his builds, to keep things from getting "bent out of shape". Ok, too early for me to be making jokes.

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