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Thread: All You Ken Timms Owners - STRINGS ??

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    Worth Clears for me. I've tried Aquilas and Worth Browns on it, I liked the clears best.
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    @demecha2012, did you try both the Worth Browns and/or Fremont Blacklines? Will be putting some Fremonts on mine in the next day or so.

    EDIT: Just threw them on. Early read is they sound fantastic. Must less strident than the Aquilas that came on it. And mine has a black nut and saddle, so they look fantastic, too. Which is important to me as well.

    EDIT: The Fremonts sound good to my strummed. Much less wild about them on this uke for fingerstyle.
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    Ah updated opinions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kerneltime View Post
    Ah updated opinions?
    Not an opinion as such but a comment that might be helpful to someone.

    IIRC Ukacaster had a Timms at one point and tried some different strings on it (Martin M600’s ?), might even have been a comparison video too.
    Edit. Seems like he compared three choices (worth browns, worth clears and m600) : and
    You might like to ask Ukecaster for his recollection of the comparisons.

    Also IIRC Mr T used to use Aquila strings but when his stock was exhausted he opted to move to (off of the reel) fluorocarbon fishing line which he felt sounded good and was economic for him. Again IIRC, he felt that most of his customers changed the as supplied strings to their personally preferred ones so those that he fitted would likely have a limited life but still had to sound OK.
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    Ukecaster's Timms lives with me now!

    I think I prefer the Timms with the richer, rounder sound of nylons. Fluoros do give it a ton of jangle, if that's what you are after.

    Got D'Addario Nyltechs strung up on it right now, but Aquila Nylguts sound great too.

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