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Thread: Help/advice - Electro-acoustic Tenor Ukulele

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    Default Help/advice - Electro-acoustic Tenor Ukulele

    I am looking at purchasing an electro-acoustic Tenor uke. I prefer the warmer sound of the uke as opposed to the brighter sound and usually opt for a set of low G strings.

    I've seen a couple but i'm not too sure and wondered if anyone had advice ...

    I've seen:


    Ortega LIZARD-TE-G

    Any advice would be great - thanks!!

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    No one has jumped in, so I'll offer what I can. I assume you're in Europe, and I don't know how that would affect availability or shipping costs from the US, but my main suggestion would be to find a uke that you want and then get a pickup installed -- unless you know that the pickup included is really reliable. I know nothing about Ortega brand, but Kala is very popular -- their pickups, however, I'm not so sure about. The usual recommendations on pickups are MiSi, Baggs 5.0 (both active) and K&K (passive). If you can get one with a Pono passive, I recommend that -- but they're generally only available on Pono ukuleles.

    The usual recommended online sellers are TheUkuleleSite, UkeRepublic, and MimsUkes (add .com to any of those three).

    Frequently recommended brands in the $400 neighborhood (more or less) are Pono, Mainland, Islander (if you can find one; they seem to have disappeared), Ohana, and probably others I can't think of right now.

    You also could internet-search ("Google") ukuleleunderground tenor electric OR electro and see what you get.

    If you can find a store that sells any of these, then of course that allows you to play it. (I see that DukeOfUke has a Pono tenor.) TheUkuleleSite has many sound samples, but nothing is the same as playing and hearing it in person. Oh, and buy one that is set up (that comes with a set-up, as they do from the three sellers mentioned above).
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    I've got a Lanikai SMP-TCA (solid moneypod, tenor cut-away) with Fishman Isys+ pickup/preamp/tuner. I love it and recommend it. A sound sample of it is at I got it on a trade and was so-so about it at the time, however it now gets the most playing time of all my ukuleles.

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