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Thread: Issues Joining Groups Please Advise.

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    Default Issues Joining Groups Please Advise.

    Some are having problems joining a group that was started. Here is a second note sent to UU to find out what the issue is that prevents members from joining. I did not get an answer for the first yet which was over a week ago so I thought I would try the forum. Here is the note I just sent to UU.

    I started a group "Cocobolo Ukulele Family Members" some who are trying to join are receiving messages that they can not join groups. I have asked so for their UU names and invited them with their names to join. I have received a message that stated something like "cannot join group at this time".

    I am wondering if there is a waiting period before new UU members are allowed to join groups. If there is would you be so kind as to explain what the requirements for full membership are and how one becomes a full member. I know that I was a Jr. Member for awhile before becoming a full member but have no idea what allowed me to transition from Jr. to Member.

    Larry D.

    This is my second request for answers for this issue.
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    Don't know if this will help ( but found nothing that should prevent anyone from joining. I will forward your concerns to Admin.

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