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Thread: Buzzing on String Instruments: Causes and Cures

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    Hi all,
    I would like to get someone's experienced opinion on these pictures... It appears that the circled part of the saddle is worn down. Ibanez refuses to believe that that is where I have sourced the problem and will not send me a new bridge.

    Ukulele Saddle back.jpg
    Ukulele Saddle front.jpg

    What should I do?

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    I started practicing today on my Oscar Schmidt Baritone Uke and the strings were buzzing like crazy. This hasn't happened for a long time. I live in SoCal and temps were mid 60s and RH was 35. So, turned on my room humidifier and set my uke aside and jumped on UU to search for buzzing. Found this Thread and am sure glad I did. Much thanks to the OP for posting this, will definitely save for future use. I hadn't done any checks listed in this post and was just getting ready to do some of them. The room was about 45% RH at that time, pulled out the uke buzzing!!!
    So, environment is definitely a cause of buzzing -- add it to the list.

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    I've had great luck with my Oscar Schmidt for the past 4 years. Changed strings several times over the years with Aquila. Recently my G string has been sounding dead and sometimes a little buzz. Should I shim the bridge with some paper? My string height at the 12th is about 2.5 for all strings.

    Thanks for any assistance, Rick

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    Thanks but I think I might have a different issue. Perhaps you can comment.

    I have a tenor ukulele with bari for tenor strings. I have a 1st fret buzz. I don’t think it’s dry (I’ve played guitar for over 50 yrs and take care of my ukes like my guitars - humidity when the environment Is dry etc). Could it be the string tension? Every other fret is fine. I had to take a break since I put these strings on and I don’t think I had any buzzing with the standard tuned tenor strings. I prefer to have this particular instrument in bari tuning. It’s not a high end ukulele but not trash - Lanikai ZR- CET. For its price, it should not buzz. Just wondering if it’s the strings before I contact Lanikai etc. Thank you so much

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