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Thread: Vorson Truss Rod Problem - FIXED

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    Default Vorson Truss Rod Problem - FIXED

    Some of you may remember from this thread:

    .. that I had problems getting the hex key to "fit" into the truss rod slot at the headstock.

    The issue was that there was wood at the headstock getting in the way of the hex key entering the truss rod hole.

    Well, I have taken matters into my own hands and fixed the problem.

    All it took was a power drill and some drill bits:

    1. Vorson Electric uke, Power drill (having one small drill bit and one large drill bit)

    2. Made a series of holes that would "clear the path" for the hex key to fit.

    3. A complete success!

    A standard guitar hex key now fits like a charm, and I have found that the truss rod DOES work!

    Now, there are probably better, safer ways of doing this. Alas, I do not have much woodworking experience and had limited tools.
    If you know of a cleaner way of doing this, please share.

    I considered using a chisel + hammer... but decided that the hammering would cause too much shock to the instrument and damage it.

    Edit: Now that I have control over the truss rod, my Vorson has a straighter neck and a wickedly slick setup.
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    Looks fine to me. As for a better way, you could use a very sharp chisel to clean up the tangs left behind by the adjacent drilling, but chisels and hammers should only be used for rough cut log cabins. A good sharp chisel can clean up most anything with a hammer nowhere in sight.

    Then again, the cover plate works pretty well, too.
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    chisels can also excel at splitting things which makes them scary for digging use. A drill press would have been most elegant but overkill with a chisel for cleanup.
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    What you did was the best solution. This is exactly what WhenDogsSing recommended, though he suggested using a Dremel tool. Same thing.
    The only easier or better way would be to use the Dremel, but you knew you didn't have to buy one for this one job. If you'd had one, the result might be a bit neater, but once you replace the cover-plate, who cares?
    Good for you and congratulations on your ingenuity.
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    Did you consider shortening the hex key?

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    Would keys like this have helped gain access?

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Sargent View Post
    Would keys like this have helped gain access?
    No. That Hex wrench has the same problem.

    In fact, it would be even worse than a regular hex key, because it's one long shaft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jop View Post
    Did you consider shortening the hex key?
    Yes I did.
    But it may not be a practical option.

    Sure, a shortened hex key may fit into the short wooden groove in the wood - now the actual hex key may not be long enough to fit deeply into the trussrod nut to turn it.

    Even if it worked, I would rather have a slightly modified instrument that can accept any hex key (ie: a fixed instrument), rather than a faulty instrument that can only accept my one custom-cut hex key.

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    Hell there are easier ways to get it done but it looks like you did the job well and heck you didn't chisel it out with a sharpened screwdriver.
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