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Thread: Ukulele Truss Rods

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    Mmmhhh, I think, Pono truss rods are adjustable:

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    The truss rod is a reassuring thing. Perhaps not necessary, but reassuring. About 8 years ago we bought classical guitars for a school guitar program (high school), entry level Yamaha models. There were many reasons for going classical--but many of the necks warped after the first two years in a non-humidity controlled music suite (which was supposed to be humidity controlled) and while they killed those courses after I left (that is a discussion for another time) those instruments still sit in their cases with many having warped necks.

    I decided that any guitar I ever buy again will have a truss rod.

    Ukuleles have nowhere near the tension of even a classical guitar; but I do worry sometimes about my Opio and if it will stand the test of time without the neck warping. I won't have to worry about that, ever, with the Pono.
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    Have you participated in the thread, "How the Ukulele Found You?" If not, please consider adding your story--they are just fun to read.

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    Chunk, though you make the ultimate ukuleles (which the likes of me shall neither play or own) but I respectfully beg to differ because I know that Pono Tenor and Godin ukuleles have true truss rods...

    -- Gary

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