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Thread: NUD: SideKick Banjo Uke

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belcanto View Post
    I just ordered one.. Does it have friction tuners and should I put geared tuners on it?
    friction tuners. I wouldn't replace them, but that's personal preference. my motto, if it works, don't fix it.
    there is no substitute for LOVE

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    I also got a sidekick banjo uke yesterday. once set up according to the videos and instructions the string action height over the fret bar was over twice what I believe is recommended. The problem appears to be where the neck is connected to the resonator. Looking at the side of my instrument the fret board is over 1/4 inch below the tightening ring hoop. Looking at pictures of others on EBay the bottom of the fret board where it is glued to the neck is at the same height as the ring which would put the string height at about the right spacing. As my fret board is so low in relation to the tightening hoop the string way above the fret board. Does this seem correct to you? What is the height of the string bottom surface above the 12th fret? Mine is greater than 3/8 above it way too high an action.

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