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Thread: What color is your car (and/or bicycle and/or motorcycle)?

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    Gray, it doesn't show the dirt. Gray. Other method of transportation is my feet. Shoes, sandals, running shoes and flip flops come in various colors.

    In order of age:

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    Funny you should ask this question Mark, as I just went through this same decision a few weeks ago when I had to replace my 13 year old car... My old car was a neutral grey green, that I loved..but I was hit once because they did not see the car, and other times had to quickly move out of the way, because my car blended in too much with the road, etc....So this time I decided to go safe and get a more visible color. (I try not to speed and do follow all the road laws, so I am not that concerned about getting tickets...) So my decision came down to a white or red car...In the end I got red, as it's much easier to find in a big parking lot (as I tend to forget where I parked my car) and the red was just prettier.....
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    My car is maroon....I hate it....I calls it more dark cars!
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    The cars are both dark blue because they were the best deals at the time: old Ford Explorer is Big Blue and newer Nissan Murano is Baby Blue. (It's all over now...) Cycling: the Trek mountain bikes and BikeE semi-recumbents are red (mine) and light blue (hers) because, well, they just happened that way.

    BTW those 'bents are THE most comfortable way to pedal one's butt around. Think of riding a chopper where you're the engine. Actual SEATS (not groin-crushing saddles) with BACKS even! Unlike a full recumbent, where the transition from dead stop to motion can be a bit unsettling, going from zero to five on a 'bent is trivial, takes about three seconds to learn. And they're easily adjusted for anyone from midgets to giants; just slide the seat on the horizontal rail. BikeE, formerly made in Oregon, now out of business, alas.

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    The Subaru is red (with mud highlights) and the Honda motorcycle is red.
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    I used to have a Porsche 914 that I received in rough condition and spent a few years restoring myself. It was originally 70's orange and had been re-painted to light blue before I got it, and then was in an accident and had some bodywork done, so by the time I got it I called it "sky blue with clouds." I re-painted it Copenhagen Blau, a really nice dark blue/slate grey 1985 Porsche color used on 928s.

    My first new car I purchased was a 1996 Mustang GT, and it is Deep Violet Clearcoat Metallic. It is a dark purple color, which is my favorite color. I had to have that color, and searched several months to find it, finally doing a dealer trade to get it.

    I also ended up ordering my Dodge Dakota from the factory in Graphite Metallic (sort of dark silver) and I am happy with that choice as well.
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    I've found a couple of visible hybrids - a Subaru Crosstrek (green) and the smallest car in the Toyota Prius family, the Prius C (orange). The most visible Prius sedan color is red. I think I'd still prefer taxicab green or taxicab yellow.

    subaru-xv-crosstrek-hybrid.jpg 2015-Toyota-Prius-C-13.jpg Toyota-Prius-front-side-red.jpg phoenix cab-012a.jpg prius-yellow-cab.jpg
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    My car is blue.
    Yes, I chose blue. I bought it used, but I shopped for years to find the car I wanted in the color I wanted.
    I just like blue cars.
    My bicycle is grey. It's an '83 Peugeot. Again, I bought it used, but this time I just bought whatever color I could find in the bike I wanted. I love this bike!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mds725 View Post
    (1) What color is your car?
    (2) Did you pick that color? If so, why?
    (3) What color would your car be if you were able to get the color you wanted?
    (4) What color is your bicycle, motorcycle, or other mode of transportation.
    1. silver toyota camry s/w 2001
    2. nup. just happened to be an excellent price second hand when I bought it in 05
    3. orange
    4. skateboard: natural timber and black deck. sneakers: dunlop volleys; fawn and white

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    Quote Originally Posted by mds725 View Post
    (1) What color is your car?
    (2) Did you pick that color? If so, why?
    (3) What color would your car be if you were able to get the color you wanted?
    (4) What color is your bicycle, motorcycle, or other mode of transportation.
    (1) I have an 87 Ford ranger that is red, and a '05 Chrysler van that is silver.
    (2) Both were used vehicles, so no I didn't pick the color.
    (3) Sometimes it depends on the vehicle. Certain vehicles look great in a certain colors.
    Black is beautiful if you keep it clean and polished. Sometimes it's hard to keep black clean. Which you might not think it would be. I've seen white cars that hid dirt decently. Which, again, you might not expect. I've seen a pearl metallic color, instead of ice box white, that is very nice.
    (4) I have a bicycle that is a deep red color.
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