(1) What color is your car? My 15 year old Saturn is maroon. Barely, a lot of the paint is gone. That's why I don't lie out in the sun. I didn't pick it, Saturn did, because I wanted red but they didn't have it and was in a hurry, my other Saturn (red) had been totalled.
(2) Did you pick that color? If so, why? See #1. I really dislike that color.
(3) What color would your car be if you were able to get the color you wanted? White, this is Florida.
(4) What color is your bicycle, motorcycle, or other mode of transportation
I don't have any. My last scooter was red, and my helmet matched it. My Hogs, which I sold were: solid black (I was in a Wiccan stage), next, silver, and finally white and red with purple pin stripes. The last one was slathered in chrome. My friends were jealous.
They were all too loud for civilization, except the scooter, which got me 70 MPG.