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Thread: How to sing and play more effectively

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    A few mentions of capos to get to a voice-friendly key, and that singing in C is often a challenge for those with lower voices. But C is an easy key to play in on ukes, so don't forget the option of tuning down a full step to Bb. It can allow your voice to hit the notes, and some ukes, especially tenors, often sound better when tuned down...Win/Win!

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    I've been trying to learn to sing ever since I started playing ukulele. People tell me I have a nice voice, but I don't believe it.
    Especially when I hear myself in a recording.

    Last year, our group suddenly lost our lead singer, and decided that the personal drama that comes from group dynamics wasn't worth seeking out another singer. But our music was very thin, hollow.
    Our voices didn't blend. I was about ready to give up, and just fingerpick, but the other two singers couldn't carry it off.
    And my picking is far from stellar.
    I started taking voice lessons, learning to warm up without my uke. I wanted to learn to carry a tune without overshadowing the others. I"m very bass-y and very loud.

    So today, after musing about it for months, and being envious of my singing cohorts, I took a lesson in singing harmony.
    My teacher is a pro, she is excellent. I found out, after a solid hour of learning to sing very simple two part songs, that I could sing the harmony part of the Garden Song!
    It felt perfectly natural, and well within my alto/tenor range. I wasn't straining any more!
    I promised to practice and practice it until I can do it without thinking about the notes, and pick the banjouke with it.

    Now, I feel confident that I'll be able to sing the Hawaiian songs we're learning, melody or harmony. It's a trick learning to do it by ear, because my sight reading sucks, and our songs aren't written with notation anyway.
    (We use On-song).

    So, if you think you can't sing, or you don't like they way your voice sounds, by all means, consider a voice coach. It works for me.
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    1. Start with a simple song
    2. Play the guitar (or other instruments) part of the song you’re learning over and over again without singing.
    3. Use a metronome
    4. Practice counting the beat aloud
    5. Hum the vocal melody as you play guitar
    6. Make sure you’ve memorized the lyrics of the song
    7. Replace the humming with actual lyrics
    8. Practice, practice, practice!

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