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Thread: Free Technique and Theory Lessons

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    In-Depth Barre Chord Tutorial for the Intermediate Ukulele Player - In this session, you’ll learn how to properly fret full and partial barre chords. We’ll also cover the main reasons why barre chords do not ring clear, AND, how to overcome these obstacles.

    This lesson will move beyond ONLY barring with the index finger; as we’ll also be tackling chords that require barring with the middle and ring finger.

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    Here's an awesome lesson from Matt Dahlberg that talks about how we can get different timbres (textures of sound) out of our playing. This lesson is great for those who play fingerstyle, as it focuses on that style of playing.

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    Practicing with a Metronome - Have you ever felt lost or confused when trying to practice with a metronome? Worry not, as this month’s live lesson will lay down a clear path to help you see how rhythm fits within the walls of the “click”.

    You’ll also learn why using a metronome is an incredibly valuable tool for practicing.

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