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Thread: Free Technique and Theory Lessons

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    Thank you guys

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    Triplet Strum Magic: Beyond the Triplet Strum - The triplet strum is one of the most popular techniques in ukulele playing. Typically, this strumming technique is applied to triplet rhythms. And that’s where the technique begins and ends… until now! In this course, you’ll learn how to repurpose this right hand motion to create a highly rhythmic, yet effortlessly fluid way for playing chord melody.

    We’ll split this course into three parts. In module 1, you’ll learn the triplet strum technique in its most commonly used application. This will set the foundation for the next two modules, which will transform the triplet technique into a complete, self-contained right hand playing style.

    * Note: 5 of the lessons are completely FREE with Basic Membership! Sign up for Basic Membership to sample this course and all of our other FREE Lessons!

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    3 Steps For Learning Ukulele - In this month’s session, you’ll learn 3 steps that will streamline your ability to progress as a musician.

    The 3 steps, known as “The 3 E’s”, are: Education (learning new things), Experience (practicing those new things), and Exposure (getting feedback from someone on those things).

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    What Should I Play on Ukulele When Asked to Play? - In this session, we’re tackling one of the most nerve-wrecking experiences: What to play when someone asks to hear us play. We’ll share tips to help ease your nerves, as well as, ideas for entering this situation fully prepared.

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    5 Ukulele Players You Should Know - In this session, I want to tell you about 5 ukulele players I think you should know. These are players that have greatly inspired and influenced me. Be sure to check each of them out!

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    How to Gain Confidence As a Ukulele Player - In this session, you’ll learn how to become a more confident performer, student, and overall ukulele player.

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    5 Tips to Prevent Ukulele Burnout - In this session, you’ll learn 5 tips that will keep you inspired and help prevent ukulele burnout.

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    The Circle Of Fifths - In this session, we’ll debunk the mystic behind the circle of fifths. You’ll learn why this tool is revered in music theory applications and how it can be applied to ukulele playing.

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    5 Strum Patterns: 5 Levels - In this ukulele lesson, you'll learn five strum patterns that progressively increase in difficulty. Off the bat, I want to state that you’re not learning five unique strum patterns, rather you start with one and evolve it each time by adding layers. A “layer” meaning, you’re adding a new concept or technique to each subsequent pattern.

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    5 Bad Ukulele Habits to Break - In this session, we’ll show you how to overcome 5 bad habits that beginner ukulele players tend to make.

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