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Thread: Free Technique and Theory Lessons

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    Thumb Etude - In our very first Thumb Etude, we will be combining interesting rhythms with a touch of Eastern music to create a unique sounding piece.

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    Fingerpicking Concepts: An Intro to Fingerstyle - A comprehensive course featuring 19 lessons that are solely dedicated to helping you develop your right hand fingerpicking technique and dexterity.

    I'm happy to say that this course, titled "Fingerpicking Concepts: An Intro to Fingerstyle", launches today! In the course, you will learn 3 approaches for fingerpicking: Thumb Approach, 3 Finger Approach, and a 4 Finger Approach.

    Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

    1) Break out of the 1 finger rut! A.k.a: only using your index finger (or thumb) for fingerpicking and strumming.
    2) Determine (on your own) which of the 3 approaches to use depending on the content of the material you are playing.
    3) Begin to develop your own style for fingerpicking.

    Watch the video below to learn more!

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    Proper Right Hand Form - In this article & video lesson, we will be discussing a handful of ways to improve your right hand technique including hand position, strumming, and fingerpicking approaches.

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    1 Tip That Can TRANSFORM Your Ukulele Playing - In this article, I share one of the best pieces of advice I learned as a student in Music College.

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    An Introduction to Music Theory & Jamming – A comprehensive course featuring 16 lessons that will provide a fundamental understanding of the basics of Music Theory and most importantly, learning how to apply it to your playing.

    A goal for many of us is to have the ability to sit in with other musicians and be able to play without limits. But, often times in Jams, we find ourselves playing the same parts as others (i.e. strumming basic chords).

    This course deep dives into teaching you how to add to the music. We’re going to examine two playing approaches in this course: Rhythm and Lead. The rhythm section will teach you methods for creating harmony. You will learn how to play chords in different positions and how to alter them to create a colorful sound. The lead section will teach you two approaches for soloing over rhythm. Approach one will be scale based, while approach two will cover playing changes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewHardel View Post
    New Live Lesson! All about Practicing! Ideas for writing a practice guide and how to apply the 3 steps (repetition, reinforcement, evaluation) for successful practice when learning songs! Read the complete article!

    This was VERY helpful! Very! I am motivated to get busy and practice now that I finally have some concrete guidelines. Thank you!
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    My pleasure! That info transformed my playing

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    Lightning Round #1 - I answered 25 Ukulele questions with Mike from Uke Republic. Everything from triplet strum to music theory!

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    Learning Paths - Find out why having a plan is vital to your success in learning ukulele. In this lesson, you will learn how to create a step by step plan that takes you from the beginner to advanced level.

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    Add a Drum-Like Percussive Rhythm to Strumming - Move beyond chucking with this unique and creative way to add a drum inspired percussive rhythm to your ukulele playing.

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