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Thread: Free Technique and Theory Lessons

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    New Lesson! This written article features a 'Live Lessons' video too! Proper Left Hand Form

    In our second episode of 'Live Lessons', we will be discussing proper left hand form when forming chord shapes and playing single notes.

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    New Lesson! Learn 3 steps needed to help conquer your stage fright and become an incredible performing musician! Overcoming Stage Fright

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    Thanks Andrew! No matter how well I know a song, I go brain dead in front of a mic....
    "Those who bring sunshine and laughter to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves".

    Music washes from the soul, the dust of everyday living.

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    New lesson! Learn how to add a "tapping" backbeat while playing a note simultaneously. Playing a Backbeat Plus Melody Together

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    New Lesson! Here is an article I wrote this week to help you increase the reach (or stretch) of your left hand. There are 3 exercises in this article and I included guidelines for practicing. Hope you find it helpful
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    New Lesson! Gain an understanding of rhythmic notation to aide you in reading and playing ukulele tablature better! 11 exercises are included in this lesson!

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    I'm excited to launch a new series today: Concept Lessons. This series provides lessons with a focus on fingerpicking, soloing, and strumming that will help you in real-life experiences, such as jamming with other musicians. In our first lesson, you will learn a solo in G Major that works over fast and slow chord progressions.

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    New Concept Lesson! In this lesson, we will learn how to play higher voiced chord harmonies and a melodic solo over one of the most popular chord progressions in C Major. This lesson is intended to help you break away from playing the basic chord shapes while also helping you learn how to incorporate melody into your rhythm playing.

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    New Live Lesson! All about Practicing! Ideas for writing a practice guide and how to apply the 3 steps (repetition, reinforcement, evaluation) for successful practice when learning songs! Read the complete article!

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    I am beyond excited to introduce courses to Rock Class 101! Our first course will be making our eBook and video lessons on How to Write a Song on the Ukulele: A Beginner’s Guide to Chord Melody available to all premium members! There is so much great content in this course! If you’ve ever wanted to write your own chord melodies and/or learn the theory behind how to arrange your favorite songs, then this is a must read!

    This course includes:
    1) 10 Page PDF eBook: Analyses our demo song, 'DayDreaming', in detail and explains how the Harmony, Melody, and Rhythm were written.
    2) Full Tab / Notation of 'DayDreaming'.
    3) Lead Sheet: Tab / Notation that shows the Melody separate form the Chords.
    4) Video Performance and Lesson of 'DayDreaming': Learn how to play the song note for note.

    View this course: Ukulele Songwriting Course

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