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Thread: Used Koaloha Concert for Sale

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    Default Used Koaloha Concert for Sale

    i know these don't come up for sale that often. I want to get a tenor so need to sell this unfortunately. This is a great instrument with a lot of personality. Sounds great! All koa including bracing and fretboard. May 2003 model. Includes case!

    420$ + shipping. Made in Hawaii. Ships from Oahu, Hawaii.
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    These all koa KC-00s are so ridiculously nice. If you sell this, you will regret it.
    Mine is beat up, covered in crazing, and could not possibly sound better. It is so alive it wants to jump out of your hands. And it is LOUD, even by Koaloha standards.

    Pretty sure those aren't the original tuners though, right?

    Damn. I might buy another one of these, for my kid, for when she grows up.
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    PM sent. Check your inbox
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    They are koaloha branded tuners. But you are right I think they are the same tuners used on newer models. I believe they were replaced by the guy I purchased this from. PM if interested.

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