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Thread: Is it just me? Or does everyone have to deal with the critics?

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    Default Is it just me? Or does everyone have to deal with the critics?

    I'll be the first to admit that I rarely conform to "the norm".

    I've been playing for a little over a year and I love to play.

    • I'm a lefty that plays right-handed ukuleles upside down (to allow for me to play other ukuleles should I encounter them).
    • I prefer to strum using cut-out cardboard picks of my own design (which result in a washboard sound effect when strumming).
    • I don't know how to read music and am okay with that.
    • I don't make an effort to learn how to play existing songs, but rather use them as inspiration for the creation of my own songs.
    • I cannot tune my ukulele without the use of a phone app (even though I can tell when it is out of tune).
    • I don't really even have a desire to become a "talented" ukulele player, because I play simply because I enjoy playing.

    Here is a quick clip of me playing one of my songs to give you a better understanding of my abilities (or lack thereof). lol

    I don't know anyone else that plays the ukulele, but my brother and his kids play instruments (primarily guitar and bass). Whenever they (and even strangers) see me with my ukulele, they ask me to play a song (which I gladly do).

    Yet, once I play one of my songs, they begin asking me to play a "real song" (something they know).

    Then the criticisms begin...

    "Maybe if you strung your ukulele for a lefty, you'd be able to improve your skills."

    "All your songs sound the same!"

    "Why don't you learn to strum with your fingers like a real ukulele player?"

    Although I don't let it get to me, I'm almost at the point in which I just want to hide when playing to a avoid the critics.

    Am I the only one that deals with this?
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    how many people are real originals. sounds a lot like music to me.
    don't let the dung eaters get you down.

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    Well they do say that everyone's a critic.

    But what I want to know is how you make picks out of cardboard...
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    Yes you are the only one who deals with that.

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    There is a bit of truth in all ukulele songs sounding the same. Ralph Shaw made a great point about this and addressed it in a workshop. You learn to play your first song and by the time you have learned to play your fifth song you notice they all sound the same. He was teaching a strumming workshop and we played with the same song with VERY different strum patterns and tempos, made a huge difference. Just some food for thought.

    Everybody is a critic and if you march to the beat of your own drum they will zero in on you. I think your sample sounded great, very musical and engaging. Don't let the bastards get to you. Old British POW saying
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    Haters gonna hate.
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    I tell people, "I play original songs." After several years they finally realize, hey, unless they usually listen to my songs, I'm going to play something they've never heard before! They sometimes still ask for songs they know (never had them called "real songs"), but that's mostly kids who live in their own tiny world anyway.

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    I like your playing. If you like it as well and enjoy yourself then continue doing what you're doing. Some people just like to criticize.
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    Went and listened to your video, I like it, especially the first part with melody! Very musical indeed, and I like the sound with the picks. I too would like to know how you make them! I don't usually use a pick but would try one of those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icelander53 View Post
    Yes you are the only one who deals with that.
    I knew it!

    I figured every state other than New Jersey was full of supportive ukulele enthusiasts. lol

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