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Thread: Ukulele Haiku - 1 min songlets

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    Default Ukulele Haiku - 1 min songlets

    Dear uke-ing friends,
    Welcome to UKULELE HAIKU – 1 minute homemade Haiku songlets!

    Thanks to Birds Eye for letting me use her video as the intro video!!! It's perfect!!!

    Here's a little written intro.

    It all started when I was doing some housework. I started humming and then singing a songlet that went :

    "Rainbows are like spiderwebs, the bait is at the end. When you think you've got it made, you're walking to your death."

    When that happened, the theme for the Seasons was Rainbows, so I quickly recorded it and posted it on the thread.

    I threw the idea of adding additional verses to it to my lovely seasonista brothers and sisters, not really expecting anyone to jump into it.

    I was pleasantly surprised that not 1, but FIVE of you did your own version of this songlet!!! In a week. And they were all so well done!

    Here is the playlist :
    Rainbow and Spiderwebs family.

    A few of you have expressed an interest in some sort of massive collaboration where someone comes up with something simple-
    a work-in-progress or a reference, and then the rest of us can expand on it.

    I like collaborating, but I think it is more fun that each of us do our own interpretations of a same reference(s), at our own pace and time.

    Linda ( lelouden) suggested that it would be a good idea to start a thread just on it, and keep it on-going.

    So here it is : Ukulele Haiku!

    (I am using the word Haiku here because the songlets will be super short like a Haiku,
    but the lyrics or structure of your songlet(s) DO NOT have to be like a traditional haiku.

    This is how it plays :

    1. The Haiku songlet DOES NOT need to be in the haiku format. Just any small song will do too!

    2. Each of the Haiku songlet must not exceed 1 minute.

    3. The ukulele must be the main instrument if you want to play other instruments too.

    4. Anyone can post a reference that acts as an inspiration for the Haiku songlet.
    The reference can be an image, a word or haiku or poem or an excerpt from a book, an audio recording or a short video. Up to you.
    Something that you think will make our brains burst into a song-----let!

    5. You can choose to respond to ANY of the references posted in this thread. This is on-going.

    6. You can also choose NOT TO respond to the references here. Just bring your own homemade Haiku songlets!

    7. You can post as many Haiku songlets as you like. This is on-going.

    8. Your Haiku songlet can be just instrumental too.

    9. When we play it's more fun to break the "rules". Although this is not a list of rules.

    10. If you are going with "rule" no.5, but need some existing material for inspiration, there was a Uke Haiku Contest here at UU.
    Check that out! Fun stuff! Some of you might also want to turn your existing uke haiku into songlets.

    Let's have fun!

    P L A Y L I S T
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    Default Uke Haiku #1 : inspired by the painting "Nap"

    Here is the first entry. Inspired by the image as shown in the video.

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    Default Uke Haiku #2 : inspired by the drawing " Good Kid"

    Another one. There is a surprise at the end of the video. Don't look away.
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    Default Reference #1 : Mr. Ralph's Self Portraits

    Hope this will inspire you to write a Uke Haiku! This is inspired by photographer Ralph Eugene Meatyard.

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    Default Reference #2 : Baby

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    Default Reference #3 : The Music Lesson

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    Default Reference #4 : Possessions

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    AWESOME, LYNDA!!! Thanks for your UKE Haiku songlet!!!

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    Oh man it's all me posting on this thread so far, LOL! Here is a wonderful video that Rob (WGY) did based on a haiku.

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