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Thread: Difference in Phil Jones Double4 and BG75 bass amp

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    I had a Fishman passive with strap button outlet added to my first mandolele with f-holes by U-Space, he said he uses a long nose angled forceps to get in there. The passive was too quiet for me so I gifted it and ordered a black custom mandolele.

    I always install active preamps with tuners, have no concern what-so-ever cutting the side, but haven't done that yet in the mandolele. I've done so in my custom bass uke and custom gypsy uke, a cheap Chinese preamp that sounds really good, and replaced the preamp with a larger properly oriented one in my Gold Tone. I especially like having the built in tuner in all my preamps.
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    how about using an external preamp like the LR Baggs gigpro. I just got one but haven't used it yet .
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    You do a really nice job retrofitting your instruments Mike. An active pickup would be the way to go if I can find the right one. Perhaps a Misi would work. I'm sure my guitar guy can figure out something.

    I've thought about and external preamp and just came here to ask about them. Thinking about it, the Artec PP417 p/u he put in cost around 6 to14 dollars so am thinking I'd want to replace it anyway. I'll take the bass down to a music shop and try one out with the D4.

    It sure is a nice amp befitting a wonderful bass; just need to get the p/u situation done.

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