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Thread: Best Ukulele pickup for outdoor performance

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    I got the 2-for-1 on the Blue Encore 100 (vocal mic), and it's a great deal. If the 100i is as good, you could get those two for $90 and be a hero to your band, band director, school financial watchdog, and maybe an attractive math-aware classmate. I have used my 100 to mic a uke, and it sounded good to me, but I usually use a pickup and I know about one-millionth (actually less) about sound and such as Booli (who mentioned the 100i), and I assume that the 100i would be more appropriate for you.

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    A mic does always sound best, though you'll need to hold still.

    I recently installed the K & K aloha pickup in my tenor, and it is without a doubt the best acoustic pickup I've used on anything, possibly ever. You really do need to use the preamp that comes with it for best results. Most pickup preamps want to see about 10K across the input, while the the K & K has only about 6K or so across. Best acoustic sound I've found. I've heard it's a bit tempermental at really high volumes. Being a transducer-style pickup, it essentially turns the whole top of the instrument into an amplified plane, so it makes sense that that would be the case. For any kind of club gig though, this thing is really great.
    I'll be getting a myers "clip mic" style pickup for my tahitian uke, banjo, cuatro & charango use, and would be happy to report back after a few gigs if you're interested.

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