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Thread: How to prevent ukulele from slipping when changing chords

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    Quote Originally Posted by DownUpDave View Post
    As another person said a piece of string is a cheap way to experiment. But the bottom line is a strap will make a huge difference no matter which type you go with. The strap will do all the holding while you can then concentrate on just playing.

    I started with a leather boot lace, its thin and strong and kinda folky looking. Just tie it around the headstock and the waist. I now have buttons and straps on all my ukes.

    The first picture shows the use of a chord lock to allow the length to be easily adjusted. You can get those at camping or craft stores

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    Yep, a little ingenuity goes a long way. I've used that same method myself, or else I've tied a big loop, like a mobius, and done it that way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DownUpDave View Post

    I started with a leather boot lace, its thin and strong and kinda folky looking.
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    May old threads never die!

    I'm only a few weeks into playing the ukulele and have been frustrated with a few specific cord changes where I can't support the uke's neck. And when I try to squeeze the body with my right arm, the neck swings to the right. I love the look of the "folksy" leather string approach. For the last 30 minutes, I've been using a 2mm piece of climbing cord and smiling broadly!

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    You need to think if you are holding the uke properly. Both hands are needed to do that.
    See with classical guitar, it is hold only with the right hand. Not so with ukulele.

    Without too much more words from me, instead just look at this video:

    Things like straps are talked a lot in this thread and I find them useful, but don't let them become crutches for you. Learn without first.

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    Thanks for the video link.

    On my Magic Fluke Concert I use a strap. On my new KoAloha Tenor I have not yet felt a need for a strap. Well see over time how that goes. The above video nicely illustrates how a strap may come in useful or may not be needed. Use one if the tool allows you to play better.

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    I'm a sit down player. I use a yoga block for my left leg to raise it up, and I hold the Ukulele similarly to a classical guitar player. I find this position to be very stable. I can fret without the thumb or strum open cords without the use of the fretting hand easily.... The key is to have your left thy raised and wedge the the Uke in between your legs. I play in a variety different chairs, couches, stools, and benches without issue.

    But you'll find overtime the more you play... I think your fretting hand will naturally brace the the uke. Also I worked hard developing my thumb for strumming and picking as I see many "jazzy" uke players do. When you develop this style your strumming/picking hand naturally cradles the Uke where the neck meets the body. It's not something I ever consciously practice and it just seems your brain is just smart knows what to do instinctively. Again it's just playing the crap out of the darn thing everyday and then you realize how was the neck slipping ever a problem

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    Over time you will adapt and it will get easier but I think it will always be somewhat of a challenge to hold and play a small instrument. You could always use a strap, something else that I'll use every so often with my Flea is a piece of kitchen shelf liner (works great), I believe even uke master John King used this too.

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