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Thread: Using iPad For Tune Library

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    Default Using iPad For Tune Library

    I'd like to use my iPad for my carry around library of written tunes. What I mean is scaning in my sheet music, and Uke lead sheets. Do any of you do that, and if so, what app do you use for keeping the library?

    I'm not talking about recorded music or videos. Just digital copies of my paper music sheets.
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    OnSong is pretty popular; however if you just want .pdfs, you can just sync them and read them native. OnSong is much more powerful than that.
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    I use an ipad for my sheet music. It's kind of the thing to do at the place I play. We all use "Good Reader." it's an app that you can get on itunes, etc. for $5 or less. I have a friend with a samsung tablet and she isn't able to use goodreader and complains that looking up every song in one big folder is kind of a pain. I like goodreader, it does what it should and it has editing capabilities for notes, etc. It even works on my ipad 1.
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    Guitar Pro 6 is fabulous, I write just about everything using GP6 software these days.
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    I use on song on my iPad. Works well. Like to be able to edit easily and transpose keys quickly. You can check out tutorials on utube to see if it's for you.

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    forScore is another good one
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    I use forScore as well. I haven't printed a song sheet in over a year! I also use a Bluetooth, foot switch, PDF page turner called AirTurn. A great combo
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    belonging to several Strum-along clubs, I was inundated with song sheets. I couldn't see getting an iPad or other smart phone with a large enough screen to function as a song book. A Nook was in the price range and screen size. It is working out fine. I simply load that current meeting's song in pdf form and access as needed at the meeting. My home computer is the primary library from which I add to or delete from the Nook. I put together the legs and pole of a broken music stand and a picture frame to use with the Nook. Now my reading light is used for books and inspection of the inside of ukuleles.
    If I were to make the same transition now I would probably use a 17" ChromeBook with touch screen.

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    I used an iPad with both OnSong and FourScore with a foot control, but the 9.7" screen was not big enough for me. Even though I'm a total Apple user, when I found MusicSheets (and Pro) for Android, and a 13.3" Hannspree 1280x830 tablet for $150 at Amazon, I decided to go for it. I'm also a graphic designer and do music sheets myself on a MacBook Pro, export as PDF and transfer to the tablet with Dropbox. Been working great for me for months now. I even bought a second Hannspree in case mine dies.
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    Low tech, high tech. Write it out and take a photo with the iPad camera. Store it in a folder in photos. Will that work for you?

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