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Thread: vorson electric uke string question?

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    Quote Originally Posted by One Bad Monkey View Post
    It's actually pretty easy (and like kissing said, there's some info on the internet), but the copper shielding tape is exactly that; a tape. You have to take everything out of the control cavity, and then use the tape to cover the entire cavity, leaving a little part out to touch the control cavity cover (the pic isn't exact, but you get the concept).

    Attachment 84706

    And then you also want to shield the entire cavity where the pickup sits as well, and also check to make sure that the ground wire running from the bridge has a solid connection. I usually put a piece of copper shielding tape around the ground wire, as I find that over time, the wire gets pushed into the wood of the body (from the bridge) enough that the contact isn't as solid as it used to be.

    gotcha i may give this a try at a later date. im planning to replace the stock knobs with something
    a little nicer looking pretty soon as well.
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    I've restrung my Vorson into baritone ukulele tuning - I feel like it's a far better instrument now !

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