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Thread: Seasonistas general thread: yakking, joshing, news and pictures

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    Quote Originally Posted by UkingViking View Post
    Pressure sensitive keys is not always the same as weighted keys. Keys kan be spring loaded and pressure sensitive. If you want that piano feel, it is important to go for weighted keys.
    Yes, I think I should have said 'weighted', I knew there was a term for it, makes it play & feel just like a regular piano.
    Trying to do justice to various musical instruments.

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    Things took an interesting turn in the piano forum. :P Someone claimed to notice even a 1ms delay. What an incredibly ridiculous claim to make. I even demonstrated that it can't be perceived on soundcloud and heard...exactly nothing. I am awaiting their reply to my file. I enjoy fanning the flames!

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    *Laughs in Ukulele"

    spit valve.jpg

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    Harmony Smurf; I used to play a bit of piano and had a Yamaha with 88 weighted keys. Pretty sure it was a P115. It was real nice and especially the grand piano sounded good. Just had a look and it is within your price range, so maybe worth checking out at a local music store. Sold it when baby arrived and my music studio was converted into a nursery... fast forward about a year and the first little new uke arrived, the first of many, so now the whole house is a music studio LOL

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    You can thank me later.

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