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Thread: Seasonistas general thread: yakking, joshing, news and pictures

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    The trouble with YouTube for sharing is the heavy compression they use which inevitably degrades quality. I only really use YT downloads for offline listening, useful for learning a song but not for sharing.

    Online storage is the way to go. Dropbox has been mentioned. There's also box (used to be iirc but now seems to be They also have an iPad App (and presumably an Android one), if that's your thing (As does dropbox, btw). Box seems to have a larger free allowance than dropbox but both are worth a look.

    I use dropbox and find it very convenient for moving stuff around. I store my song sheets, pictures and one or two other bits and pieces and sharing is easy. You just get a url and send it to the other person.
    Geoff Walker

    I have several ukuleles in various sizes and am not planning on getting any more...

    at least, not yet.

    I also play some blowy things and a squeezy thing

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    thank you guys! yeah i use drop box alot for non-top-secret collabs! it's good

    Quote Originally Posted by RAB11 View Post
    Oops! Link would help wouldn't it? Edited now.
    lol! thanks! that seems to have pretty good reviews online, looks good

    Quote Originally Posted by Croaky Keith View Post
    These are what I have installed in Firefox & use when I want to grab a video.

    This seems to be the best.

    This seemed OK

    Youtube Downloader
    thanks keith, i use firefox all the time, they might be really handy, cheers!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bird's eye view of my ukelele View Post
    ...techie question - downloading vids from youtube for collabs and wotnot - in the past i've used or, more recently, tried to use, various websites for downloading footage for collabs - but now they have stopped allowing downloads, either completely, or stopped allowing downloads with any music o_O or won't allow me to download, here in the UK

    does anyone in the UK have a solution? what are you guys using to download other people's vids from youtube for collabs and the like?

    at the moment i'm getting footage just with a camera, which gives me something to work with for now, but obviously poor quality visuals

    the most recent site i tried was a german site that heino uses and recommended, but it won't let me use it here in the UK
    I use a different setup than what other folks mentioned...

    [links are at the end of this post]

    For single videos:

    In Firefox, I have an extension installed called 'GreaseMonkey', which lets you install scripts into itself that allow you to control the behavior of how a web site is presented to you...

    Inside GreaseMonkey, I have installed a script called 'SaveTube'.

    SaveTube inserts a download button next to any site that has a video, like YT or Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc...

    You can also select the quality and version of the video to download at the download button itself.

    I can just click that and it will ask me to download normally.

    For grabbing an entire playlist or a whole YT channel in one batch:

    This is useful for watching a series of videos offline, like on your phone or tablet when traveling and not sure of having an internet connection. Once the videos are downloaded to your computer, you can then transfer them to your device by normal means.

    I do not abuse this function since YT might possibly catch-on and prevent this from working.

    I use a command-line Python program called youtube-dl, and you need to tell is some options on the command-line when you invoke it, such as quality, file type, how many retries and the source url (playlist or channel) and it runs very fast and will iterate through all the videos it can find.

    You can also run it again later to grab new videos, and it will check the folder and see what videos you already downloaded so as to avoid duplicates.

    I also pipe the actual download function to a program called 'wget' which is standard on Linux/Unix systems.

    I use wget because it preserves timestamps on the video files from when they were created and uploaded to YT. youtube-dl does NOT, and piping the download to another built-in Linux/Unix program called 'curl' dies NOT either.

    Timestamps are important for sorting files in chronological order, especially if you wanted to grab all the tutorial videos from say Cynthia Lin, or 'The Ukulele Teacher' and be able to watch them in order by upload date. wget will PRESERVE the upload date.

    If you are on Windows or Mobile, this will NOT work this way.

    On Windows you have to rely upon the functions built-in and cannot pipe the download to wget, because wget does not exist for Windows as far as I know.

    Here is an example of the command line for youtube-dl to download ALL of the videos on Cynthia Lin's YT channel:

    youtube-dl -f best --retries 100 --external-downloader wget

    This all may be too involved for most folks, but I use the Python programming language for work, and the other stuff are part of the normal add-ons I have set up in Firefox.

    If anyone wants to replicate my setup, let me know and I will be happy to help.
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    thank you booli, i was hoping you might see this discussion and swing by to share your techie wisdom!

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    Trent’s Jimmy Buffett cover made me think of this, and I thought I would share, figuring people might be interested given the origin of the ukulele (and maybe as a break from tech discussion)...

    Kilauea volcano (Big Island) has been erupting pretty much continuously for decades, but it has been going crazy the past couple of weeks, including a 6.9 earthquake last Friday, and lava flows into local communities (37 structures destroyed as of this writing). Those lava flows are at least partially responsible for draining of the lava lake in the volcano’s summit crater. Here’s some video from a couple of weeks ago, showing flows into the crater floor...

    Fortunately all of the monitoring work resulted in evacuations before things got too crazy and so far I don’t think anyone has been hurt. So if you can spare a few of them, send some good vibes their way.
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    I just thought I'd let everyone know that this happened where I live last night -

    We are fine, with no damage to to the house at all; just some gravel washed down the driveway. I hope Mountain Goat and Caspet are OK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robinboyd View Post
    I just thought I'd let everyone know that this happened where I live last night -

    We are fine, with no damage to to the house at all; just some gravel washed down the driveway. I hope Mountain Goat and Caspet are OK.
    Wow. So happy you're okay!
    Randy - Harry122

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    Baritone Retreat Workshop with Kimo Hussey - August 2018
    Les Stansell, a fine luthier, is hosting a baritone ukulele retreat led by Kimo Hussey: the Pistol River Ukulele Retreat - Aug 9-12.

    Les may be contacted at:

    His website is:

    Here's the info. I have so far. Les told me today that there are about 8 slots open at this point for additional participants. Linda

    1st Annual Pistol River Invitational Baritone Ukulele Retreat and Kanikapila

    August 9 - 12 (Thursday Afternoon - Sunday Morning)

    Instructor - Kimo Hussey - (with a little help from his friends) "De-Mystifying the Baritone Ukulele”

    Classes focused around the Baritone Ukulele with Occasional Spontaneous Kanikapila and Saturday Night Concert!

    Note: Subject to a minor change or two if necessary.

    Thursday August 9 - 3 to 5 pm Orientation/ "Meet and Greet”/Builders Display (Stansell/Roberts/Kinnard) at the Hall - 5pm Reception/Open House at Stansell Guitars & Ukuleles

    Friday August 11 - 9 am to 12 noon . . . 2 to 4 pm Class/Instruction by Kimo - 6 pm Dinner Extravaganza/Kanikapila/Jam ‘till whenever.

    Saturday August 10 - 9 am to 12 noon . . . 2 to 4 pm Class/Instruction by Kimo - 8 pm Pistol River Concerts Presents "Kimo Hussey & Friends”

    Sunday August 12 - 10 am . . . Coffee/Discussion/Wrap-up/Aloha

    25 Attendees @ $250 for Tuition + Friday Night Dinner (Spouses/Significant Others/Family Members are welcome to attend the Friday Night Dinner and Activities for $50)

    Featuring Ukuleles by Les Stansell, Mark Roberts and Kevin Kinnard

    Lodging available at Arcadia Vacation Rentals, Pistol River, Oregon - Contact Chontel Klobas

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    A little something for the weekend.
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