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Hey, Booli, good to see you posting again.

I'm not active here at the moment, having other instruments taking over my time, but intend getting back at some time in the future.

Stay safe.
Hi Keith - thanks for the kind words. Nice to see you here too.

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yes, so good to see you booli! really hope you are holding up ok after everything that has happened, and with everything going on now
Hi BEV - always nice to see your posts as well I am used to being a hermit from when I was taking care of my mother, since I only left the house for taking her to the doctors, or to get groceries or fill prescriptions during her care. At least I have a little back yard so I can go outside in the fresh air, and not have to venture out into a public place in order to combat the claustrophobia.

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Hi Booli, I too have other things pressing me away from the seasons ... I am truly sorry to hear about your mother. Loosing your mom is the hardest!

Take care!
Hi Linda - thank you for your compassion and kindness.

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sorry about your loss Booli. I know I will be a wreck when the time comes for me to experience that. I certainly was when my father passed on in the early 2000's. Took me about ten years to be able to complete some songs without tearing up that were about father/son relationships. I hope your suffering isn't as prolonged and difficult as mine was.
Hi Harmony Smurf - Thank you for your kinds words. Loss of a parent is definitely not easy at all, especially having been her sole caretaker 24/7 during the last 2 years of her life.

Her absence has created a huge void, with grief and pain that is beyond description.

After seeing the news updates about the virus, I am able to console myself that my mother does not have to suffer the panic and anxiety about the virus, nor deal with the lockdown-isolation that might have become her existence if she was living in a nursing home or hospice.

I am just taking things one day at a time and it feels like life is 'on-hold' pending the global AND local societal recovery from the effects of the virus.

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I despise Facebook and would never sign up to it.
I agree with you. IMHO, FB is the devi, LOL.


Not sure when I will get back online, but I just wanted to wish all Seasonistas and other UU friends here to stay strong, find ways to keep yourself both mentally and physically healthy during this time.

Even though I have not been in the weekly sessions, nor commenting here or YT, I have often seen many of your videos and in my time as a caregiver, watching your Seasons videos have help me to retain my sanity, and at least a little 'seed' of optimism for the future.

That seed is more important now than ever before and I hope to nurture it to bear fruit.

I am deeply grateful to all of you for persisting in your participation in the Seasons all of this time, and also apologize for being away/offline for so long and not showing my appreciation sooner.

Thank you all.