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Thread: Wanted- Used Ohana 10 string Tiple

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    Default Wanted- Used Ohana 10 string Tiple

    Looking for one of those Ohana 10'string Tiple instruments for sale at a good deal price or possible uke trade or trade plus cash.
    Koaloha Opio Acacia Longneck Soprano
    Martin 100 year anniversary S1
    Martin IZ commemorative Tenor
    Kamaka 100 year anniversary model hf-1 2016
    Pono Acaia Taropatch 8 string
    Loprinzi cherry wood tenor
    Southern Cross Banjo Concert
    :::Quality fun and no worry about ukes::::
    Goldtone little gem banjo
    Flight travel soprano

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    Default Yasuma Mahogany Tiple

    Would you be interested in a 1960 Yasuma Mahogany Tiple? It was a Martin Tiple copy .

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    UkeOG, I'm interessted in the Yasuma, your mailbox is full. PM me

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    Sorry, I'm still interested in contacting you! I cleared my mailbox! and will PM you!

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