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Thread: FS: You Rock Guitar (MIDI Guitar)

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    Default FS: You Rock Guitar (MIDI Guitar)

    This is probably one of the more unusual listings to see on UU.

    I'm selling my barely used You Rock Midi (GEN2) electronic guitar.
    It was purchased in September 2014 because I was intrigued by its unique and funky array of features and capabilities.

    Basically it is an instrument played like a guitar (or ukulele), but is also a Midi synthesizer. Everything is adjustable, just like on an electronic keyboard/synth, including tuning (eg: Bass guitar tuning, Ukulele tuning), tones (synth tones!), layers, sensitivity, sustain, etc etc etc! It even has a whammy bar!

    Anyone who plays stringed instruments, such as guitar or ukulele may find it useful and fun to play around with. The neck is detachable, which makes it compact for travel and it has headphone output, normal guitar output and Midi output. All the bells and whistles (it can also be used as a Guitar Hero controller, interestingly enough)

    Here is a descriptive video:

    This particular set was the "deluxe" set including additional gigbag, "Headway" headstock and a fancier pearloid scratch-plate (as well as the default scratch-plate as spare).
    This kit would retail brand new for around $300 USD

    Selling mine at a bargain at $140 USD including free shipping internationally.
    Ships from Australia.

    Includes everything that came with it brand new. I will re-package it in its original box as though new.

    Here is a listing on eBay for the instrument brand new:

    (note: the eBay listing above is not the "deluxe" kit which includes the additional features such as the gigbag, scratchplate and USB cable).
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    This looks very interesting. The only midi capable ukulele that's been on here recently was 10 times as expensive

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    Well a new ukulele it is not and I can likely play a keyboard better than anything with strings but I'm certain I'll play around with it a bit. Maybe give me a reason to sell off the two acoustic guitars I've been sitting on.

    Do not confuse this with a ukulele that is a midi controller. This is more like the SynthAxe of the 80's and Casio DG-10 of the 90's. 6 string like sensors with equal tension and size.

    I'll take it! PM sent.

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