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Thread: Help! Need to amplify but HATE the sound!

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    Quote Originally Posted by swinkie View Post
    ...I need help getting a Classical guitar sound from my Tenor Ukes...
    Kinda sounds like your intent here is to make an orange taste like a banana, which would likely require all kinds of confectionery magic techniques, be quite 'messy' yet still not meet the objective.

    The laws of physics seem to be stacked against you, since the starting point of a classical guitar has vastly different acoustic resonance and tone when compared to the much smaller tenor uke, with almost 1/4 the sound box air volume and 1/4 the surface area of the sound board and further at best 1/3 the total string tension.

    As my Old Uncle Olaf used to say: "You cannot get a silk purse from a sow's ear, no matter how much jelly and mustard you paint over it".

    Good luck in your quest
    -Joe......Have uke, will travel...

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    Yeah, I get what you mean Joe. I think I didn't phrase it very well...what I'm after is the sweet sound that people like Jake and Brittni Paiva get....any ideas anyone ..please!!����

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    Have you seen/tried the Yamaha THR5A? It is a 10W practice amp, but the headphone socket can be used as a line out?
    Designed to replicate different mics for steel strung guitars, it also has a setting for nylon strings. Works well on a Kala electro-acoustic TEME.
    Doubles up as external speakers for my Chromebook (stereo, 2 x 5W).
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    Quote Originally Posted by swinkie View Post
    I'm getting a quacky, thin sound at the moment...venue settings at 12 o'clock...��
    Ditch all your effects and pedals for troubleshooting. There could be any number of things working against you with a big chain like that.

    The Venue by itself should net you a decent sound. Honestly, even a cable straight to the AC60 should be pretty great with a Five-0. If not, you've probably got a problem with the install.

    If it continues to be quacky, crank the volume on your mid EQ on the Venue and sweep through the frequencies until you find the most offensive one. Then cut the EQ volume to taste. That should be enough to get you in the ballpark. If it's not, something else is at play or your standards are too high.

    Plugging in your uke is the pits. It usually fights you every step of the way.

    More insight into your setup and what you're experiencing would help improve the answers you receive here.

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    I have a Pono with standard (quacky) underbridge piezo and find that the Fishman Aura Spectrum has such a wide variety of settings that I found 1 that cures the quack of my piezo.

    I think they have a custom service where you send them your instrument, they mike it, then they produce a custom profile for the Aura Spectrum that matches the miked sound as much as possible. I was able to get a satisfactory sound without going to that extreme, but it's available.


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