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Thread: Low budget Concert ukulele Kala KA-C or Lanikai LU-21 C?

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    Default Low budget Concert ukulele Kala KA-C or Lanikai LU-21 C?

    Hi! I'm new to the ukulele world and I've been playing the Kala KA-15s, I've come to like the concert ukulele and I've been looking at the KA-C or LU-21, but I'm open to more options. My budget is $120, I'll appreciate all comments!

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    My first uke was a KA-C. In general, I think it's been a good value. Even though it's laminate, the tone is more than acceptable and I like the satin finish. The build quality was fine. The only regret I have about it is the setup. The intonation needed work on both the nut and the saddle. Without knowing about the value of a good setup, it was bought from a random ebay seller. If I were to do it again, I'd buy it from Mim, or HMS, or ukerepublic or someone else that will take the time to try to set it up better. It looks like Uke Republic has it in gloss, but maybe not satin. I don't see it on Mim's site. I'm sure there are other reputable people who will do a setup, but these are the three people most often recommended by other UU people.

    This is a really busy time for everyone, even the people who usually have great customer service. So, it can't hurt to mention that you are buying from them because people on UU praise the extra time spent setting up the uke.

    Have fun with your (first) new uke!

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    If you're mainly interested in the concert scale, I still say the Kala SLNG is the best value out there. Should be $100 or so from any of the fine folks in Rick's post.
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    I'll put in my tuppence worth for the Kala KA-C as well. I'm totally satisfied with mine
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    Thank you everyone for the help so far.

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    I like the concert body more than the soprano body on the KA-SLNG, but the SLNG is $92 and the KA-C is $106 at HMS. Either way, you get the concert length neck, and the SLNG has a gloss finish in case you prefer that. The gloss KA-CG is $116 there and at Uke Republic.

    HMS has sound samples, but here's one of the SLNG from Reviews forum. ka-slng

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    I picked up an Ohana CK-10 for 97 from MIM for my little sister, and I have to say I am very impressed with it's sound for so cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dejekt View Post
    I picked up an Ohana CK-10 for 97 from MIM for my little sister, and I have to say I am very impressed with it's sound for so cheap.

    I have the CK -20S and the main difference is a solid top. Nice instrument and if you have any problems Mim will take care of them. She's a gem to work with. Happy hunting ang keep us posted

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    Any of these are going to be decent now for $100 IF you get them from a dealer like MIM/HMS/Uke Republic. It's really awesome that you can get really fine/decent/good/solid/reliable (whatever adjective you want) for $100. Again though, this probably contributes to everyone's chronic UAS!
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    At the low end, I'd also consider a Cordoba CM-15. It sounds amazing for an all laminate uke in it's price range. Can be had for as little as $79

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