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Thread: How thick is your neck?

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    Default How thick is your neck?

    Pun intended?
    The last few days I read a lot about 'fast necks', thin, thick, oddly shaped etcetera.
    I decided to measure my necks.
    My Dolphins neck is 20 mm at the nut, that's about .787 of an inch, and about 21 mm at the seventh fret, that's about .826 of an inch.
    My Hora baritones neck is about 22 mm thick at the nut, that's about .866 if an inch, and 25 mm thick at the seventh fret, that's about an inch.

    I'm just curious about neck-thicknesses and preferences.
    Makala Dolphin Martin Aquila

    Hora baritone Martin M630

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    Mine are whatever Makala made them.
    Trying to do justice to various musical instruments.

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