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Thread: Peace and Love

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    Default Peace and Love

    I've never done this before, because I respect the excellent job our UU moderators do in keeping this forum a great place. And generally I agree with their judgement calls. But in this case, I think a thread was closed that should not be closed. This is why:

    The OP noted that some of our ukuleles were built by decent, hardworking people who practice a religion that many of us in the West are learning to fear.

    I think the OP is making a valid point, not about ukuleles but about how we are all connected, in many ways, to people all over the world. Some of whom practice a religion we don't understand. I would like to think this goes without saying, but sadly it doesn't. Here in the States for example, we've been hearing some very ugly things said by people who want to become Leader of the Free World.

    Those of us who are not fear mongers need to speak up. Often and loudly. Sometimes even on ukulele forums.

    It doesn't hurt to remind folks on UU that "those people" are not so very far away. Some of their handiwork might be hanging on your wall. We can take this as a gentle reminder not to let hate win.

    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” -- Rev. M.L. King

    I would like to think we can add music to the light and love. Which makes this topic very relevant to ukulele and the spirit of aloha.

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    With respectful apologies to the OP, I must close this thread on a technicality.

    3.7 [Please do not] Start threads to criticize moderator decisions such as bans and thread closures. If you have concerns over the way UU is run, then please contact us by private message.
    I'm not saying you're wrong, just that I must close the thread.
    And whether the blood be highland, lowland or no,
    And whether the skin be black or white as the snow,
    Of kith and of kin we are one, be it right, be it wrong,
    As long as our hearts beat true to the lilt of a song.

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