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Thread: Bruce Wei ukuleles

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    I've recently bought two Ukuleles from Bruce Wei. One is the Harp Ukulele, with four drone strings. The other is a Paddle shaped Concert size with a nifty cowboy trail scene inlayed on the fretboard. The fit and finish of both are fine. The tone quality of the Harp Uke is quite good, and the tone quality of the Tenor is nice. It's a bit bright for my taste, but I'm thinking it will mellow with time. It's very acceptable as is. The sustain on both is good. The Tenor was flawless. I did have an issue with string buzz on the Harp Uke. After careful analysis, I was able to fix that myself by dressing down a couple of high frets, and now all is well. I should note that I contacted Bruce about the problem as soon as I got the Harp Uke, and he was happy to do whatever needed to be done, including paying a luthier here in Texas to fix it. Fortunately, that wasn't necessary. Based on my experience, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Bruce Wei instrument.
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    Glad to hear it. Strings can also make a difference. I've changed a couple of my Bruce Wei ukes to fluorocarbon but also use his stock Aquilas.

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