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Thread: 16" Long Neck Concert in Brazilian Mahogany

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    Default 16" Long Neck Concert in Brazilian Mahogany

    I had a request from a returning client to build him a 16" and 14 fret to the body concert, and I liked the idea so much I built a batch of 3 while I was at it. Pictures of his are over in the Luthiers form, and many more on my Facebook page.

    This one in some very nicely 1/4 sawn Brazilian Mahogany that really comes alive when you roll the body around in the light.

    Trim is East Indian Rosewood and the fret board has a 12 - 16 inch compound radius.

    Brazilian Mahogany Long Neck Concert-4.jpgBrazilian Mahogany Long Neck Concert-7.jpgBrazilian Mahogany Long Neck Concert-12.jpgBrazilian Mahogany Long Neck Concert-6.jpgBrazilian Mahogany Long Neck Concert-8.jpg

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    Gorgeous! I like that bridge set up.

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    A beautiful instrument as usual Allen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hollisdwyer View Post
    A beautiful instrument as usual Allen.
    Allen that is a really lovely instrument.

    Hollis I am thinking that would be a very nice stable mate to your wifes Colling concert..........just sayin

    Tell her I said I think you should buy it. Your BR needs a little brother
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