I just bought a vintage uke. The label inside the sound hole says "P'mico" - which is the Progressive Musical Instrument Company of New York. I don't think P'mico actually made ukes themselves - or any other instrument. If I understand correctly, the P'mico instruments were made by other companies for P'mico, or P'mico bought them and put their label on them.

I think this uke is made by Regal. It is a standard soprano. It has a small rounded head stock. The body is bound in ivoroid/celluloid on front, back, the sides of the neck, and the headstock. There are no inlays or dots on the fret board. Standard 12 fret neck. The fretboard is flush with the soundboard.

The wood is very dark, I suspect mahogany.

I would like to know if anybody has seen, or owns a similar uke.

I saw a Regal on ebay, that looked similar to this one, but the bidding is over for that item and I cannot access the information anymore.

It has a couple of condition issues, including a crack on the back that goes all the way through. It is maybe 3 to 4 inches long. There is also a pressure indentation on the sound board.

It was the sound of it that sold me. It has a good clear sound. I put Martin strings on it and I got a little buzz occasionally, but I think this may be due to some damage to the nut.

It is pretty dirty - or it has a rich "patina" if you prefer. I am not sure how much to clean it. The finish has alligatored or crackled pretty good.

I would like to know the following -

Has anybody seen one of these?
Do you know anything about when and where it was made?
If you cleaned it, what would you use as a cleaner?
Should you clean it at all?
Any idea of value?

I do not intend to sell, and I got a great deal regardless. It is a good player. The intonation is good, and it is both loud and resonant. Not quite as sweet as my Marca Aquila, but still quite good. I will be taking it to my local luthier for minor repair and reconditioning.

I will send photos later.