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Thread: Venice Grand Prix - 1915

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    Default Venice Grand Prix - 1915

    Venice California hosted an auto race in 1915. It was St Patrick's Day, March 17, a Wednesday. "Master Driver of the World" Barney Oldfield won by going the 300 mile distance without stopping.

    Previous years had racing in nearby Santa Monica. But race organizers moved the Santa Monica event to San Francisco in order to take advantage of the Pan-Pacific Exposition. Yes, the same event that is largely credited with introducing the ukulele to large American audiences.

    This presentation was given in the Venice Townhouse speakeasy last year then reprised for the Petersen Automotive Museum last week. There is no green screen. The technology allows for me to walk between the projector and screen thus letting the audience see what I am seeing. Also, no notes or script is used.

    Harold O.
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    That was awesome. I really enjoyed that , it was so interesting. Thank You so much.
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    That was interesting and informative to watch! You're a talented and engaging speaker. Amazing how much has changed in just one hundred years.

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