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Thread: Plant-based recorders

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    I don’t think I could play a recorder I tried a harmonica and kept having dizzy spells there is a fancy name for it which I have forgotten.

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    Thanks for this thread!

    I seem to be returning to the recorder after about a 40 year away. I have not given up my jazz guitar duo or plunking around on a uke, but I have been having great fun with my old (and a couple of new) recorders.

    I have a couple of Moeck Rottenburgs from the 1970’s, a Maple alto and a Rosewood and Ivory soprano, that I am slowly bringing back to life. I also have a couple of Yamaha Ecodears, an Aulos Haka and a Zen-on (both altos). If things go well with what I have, I am considering picking up a Bernolin alto in the summer.

    The discussion here (yes, on a uke forum) has been the most informative that I have come across yet.

    Thanks, you have made my decision much easier.

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