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Thread: Tenor vs Concert

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    There aren't many 16" scale ukes about, some call them concert, others call them tenor, it's a grey area, but if it works for you, who cares.

    This PSI is one company that has made them -
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    Quote Originally Posted by kitsunegarcia View Post
    Attachment 103251 i attached a pic of the neck next to a ruler. I would take a ruler and line it up next to the neck of the ukulele size you like playing and see if the spacing is comparable to my picture. What i found is that the neck of the TT is the same width as my concert ukulele. However the spacing between frets is different from my concert. I have no trouble doing most chords on the TT though I do NOT like most tenors as they just seem to be the wrong size for me but the TT is different. One thing that was hard to get used to is that the TT, like most real tenor ukes, have more string tension, which is both good and bad if you do a lot of note bending. Also what is your playing style like? If you do a lot of plain strumming this is not the best uke for that. It shines doing riffs and fingerstyle stuffs. There are a lot of videos featuring it. I have been able to get more finger flexibility by doing spider exercises which seems to make up for tiny hands.
    You could try concert strings on it and see if the tension is better. I use soprano strings on my concert and both me and the uke like them better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziret View Post
    You could try concert strings on it and see if the tension is better. I use soprano strings on my concert and both me and the uke like them better.
    The tension thing is more a preference. It all depends on what you are looking for. A friend of mine who plays only tenors and sopranos swears concerts play "mushy" for him (both in tension and in sound) and feel awkward. Concerts play "soft" and mellow for me. Songs I play on mine always sound like I am on a vacation. Tenors seem to have an extra range expressions than a concert because you can play them "stabby" and sharp. The notes are separate and stand out more too I noticed. Although that could be that I lack the skill currently to do so, I am sure pros could get a stabby and sharp sound out of my concert. I just need more practice!!
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