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Thread: Back after Father Death tried to get me twice

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    Default Back after Father Death tried to get me twice

    Been a long two months away from UU and life in general.

    I developed a wound on my right ischial (butt cheek)about a year ago. It turned into a sepsis infection about a week before I was going to have it surgically closed by a plastic surgeon. Wife insisted I go to the ER. I suggested let's wait and see what happens. Typical male response. She won out.

    The docs there said if I had waited another 8 hours it would have been too late. Sepsis is a fast moving infection and once in the blood stream; father death is usually the result. They took me immediately into surgery to clean the wound and where the infection was burrowing.

    Rather than getting into the sordid details of three surgeries, 2 near death encounters , six weeks of laying in a special bed with no getting up and three weeks in an extended care facility; I'm finally home. Weak as hell and can hardly transfer into the wheelchair, but I'm home and rarin to get back to normal. I went to the gym today and worked out with my trainer to start getting the strength back and hope to do a few miles on the hand cycle this weekend.

    Reading UU kept me sane and the uke sat in the corner of the hospital room encouraging me to make it thru so I could play it again.

    This was just too close. I figure I should treat myself to one of the Pono Steel String baris coming out soon as a symbol of surviving yet again. Or, perhaps have one made.

    I'm glad to be back posting and being with friends here on UU. Now onto happier times and more; lots more playing the uke.
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    Wow! That is scary! I am glad you are on the mend. Sepsis is not something to mess around with.

    These typical male responses we have are the reason married men live longer than our single counterparts. Cheers to the women in our lives that keep us going! I absolutely think a Pono is warranted (as well as something nice for your wife for getting you to the ER)!

    Keep strumming!!
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    Welcome back!
    I hope you get your strength back soon.

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    Glad to have you back. I have to say I'm not familiar with the phrase "father death". My Father is the Father of life (not trying to start a religious thread, just sayin).
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    Happy and Glad for you Pat.....keep on strumming....
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    Yeah, welcome back. Get your strength back, but take it easy. It takes a while.
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    Aloha Pat,
    Welcome back and I'm glad you recovered and im sure it must have been life awakening period. Yup I'm sure you had your two feather MB ukulele
    In the hospital for encouragement. Take care and happy strummings, two feathers
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    Welcome back Patrick, I'm glad to hear you're on the mend.
    All the best,

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    Hey brother...

    Glad you are back on the mend and was able to defeat the Grim Reaper...

    Keep on ukin!
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    Pat, that was WAY too close, bro! Sepsis is no joke. It is a long road ahead of you, too, but you can do it. You have a really nice uke that can help you through it, too! Play it often! Glad things are much better. Work the rehab, it's hard, but helps a ton.
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