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Booli, I have determined that the buzz is due to a back-bow in the neck. I am researching solutions, and trying to determine my best course of action. Here are the options I have found;
--heat the neck to soften the glue between fingerboard and neck, shim the high spot, clamp to a straight steel bar, let cool
--pull the frets, check to see if the neck is then straight; if so, widen the slots slightly, install frets
--pull the frets, plane the fingerboard level, install frets

I'm not in a hurry, and I'm enjoying the research. I'm trying to avoid buying too many new tools, but may end up with a fret-puller from Stewart-Macdonald.
Thanks for the reply.

It's the old time vs. money thing, and also lack of tools for me....

Seems I might be better off getting a neck from CB Gitty if these $15 baris are going to require anything more than fret-work, and nut and saddle adjustments to become basically playable, and if the neck is bowed or warped, that's beyond my availability to try and fix for any other hack-job instrument project. I just dont have the space, the tools, nor the time....sadly...