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Thread: Custom Electric Fretless Tenor Ukulele

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    I recently finished up this uke build and I thought that maybe some people on UU will find it pretty cool. The body an neck are one piece and are made from Canadian maple and mahogany to give the neck more strength to resist the string tension, which important using steel strings over the usual nylons. I also used mahogany for the fingerboard. The tuners I salvaged from an old ukulele and the bridge was custom made from black walnut. The Back control plate was made from a piece of Formica. I used an under-saddle piezo pickup from Amazon through a 1/4 adapter jack; no volume or tone knobs because I'm awful with soldering , so the sound is controlled by the volume and EQ on the amp. All in all, I'm very happy with the final product. Not too shabby for $12 on Amazon and some scraps I had lying around the garage

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