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Thread: Sing Like Ella--Not Really

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    Three things I do routinely:
    1. Sing my kids to sleep nightly.
    2. Listen to Ella Fitzgerald (got into jazz two years ago but don't play jazz—yet).
    3. Train my musical ear using the functional ear trainer.

    Well, just a few nights ago I was again singing my kids to sleep, doing the usual nursery rhymes. Suddenly I realized I was changing the melody, doing chromatic runs and going an octave up on a note here and there. I paused in surprise and chuckled to myself. I'm by no means a jazz player and just started listening to jazz two years ago. Nor is jazz in my ukulele/guitar repertoire. What happened was a pleasant surprise—and fun! I don't think I'll take this public because I don't sing, period. But just thought I share this!

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    The jazz is in you. It's seeping through your veins, cooing to be let out.

    You should give into temptation and unleash it upon your audiences so that they, too, might become infected.

    Spread the jazz!
    "Who hears music, feels his solitude Peopled at once -- for how count heart-beats plain / Unless a company, with hearts which beat, / Come close to the musician, seen or no?" - Robert Browning, "Balaustion's Adventure"

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