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Thread: Ordering KPK Ukes going forward

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    I have yet to receive any acknowledgement from the many inquiries addressed to Jason via the website or 2 email addresses I had for him from my other orders.
    That was the reason, after some detective work I decided to contact and ultimately deal with Devon. I had been very happy with my previous dealings with Jason
    and would be happy to deal with him again if there was a reliable way to get and stay in contact with him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldwright View Post
    Hi guys, just for your information Jason is still in business.
    PSA: apparently this is still the case. I got a question on an old YT video here :

    I remembered this thread about going direct to Aiersi but forgot this post that Jason might still be an option.
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    Hey Everyone, to add to Jim's post (That was me chatting with Jim on YT), I had attempted to order a KPK Concert scale (long neck) Pineapple, but I received a response from Tina they are out of Pineapples until June. I was offered to choose another Long Neck Soprano option and the would invoice me via PayPal. I am now awaiting that new invoice after replying back a few days ago (haven't received any invoice yet). So they are still active, but the order part seems a bit slow via e-mail/invoice procedure. Will update when complete...

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    Update as promised: I Received the new invoice today from Koa Pili Koko Ukuleles. Paid in-full and officially ordered. Looking forward to it's arrival!

    A few "company pics" of an unstrung example from their website of the model I ordered:

    IMG_1590.JPG IMG_1591.JPGIMG_1585.JPGIMG_1582.JPGIMG_1586.JPG

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    A few more pics of their "unstrung web model" of the Longneck Deluxe Soprano w/ Maple binding:


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    So, do we go back to Jason?

    I got a 404 error for Aiersi.

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    Hmmm. I just now went to the first post in this thread, clicked on the first link, and saw a page with seven models of 'ukuleles on it. I clicked on all seven photos, and was taken to a page with details about that model.

    That's as far as I went. I didn't attempt to place an order, nor to send an email. I don't own one of these, but I've read good things about them. I hope they are still around when I'm ready to buy. Which link did you try?

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